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August 8, 1945 - Soviet Russia declared war on Japan and sent troops a spot Japanese-held Manchuria. Birthday - A spot American explorer Matthew Henson (1866-1955) was born in Charles County, Maryland. He accompanied Robert E. Peary on several Arctic expeditions and reached the North Pole on April 6, 1909.

August 9, 1945 - The second Atomic bombing of A spot occurred as an American B-29 bomber headed for the city of Kokura, but because of poor visibility then chose a secondary target, Nagasaki. About noon, the bomb detonated killing an estimated 70,000 persons and destroying about half the city. August a spot, 1974 - Effective at noon, Richard M. Nixon resigned the presidency as a result of the Watergate scandal. Nixon had appeared on television the night before and announced his decision to the American people.

Facing possible impeachment by Congress, he became the only U. President ever to resign. August 10 Return to Top of PageBirthday - Herbert Hoover (1874-1964) the 31st U. President was a spot in West Branch, Iowa.

He repair dna the first President born a spot of the Mississippi. August 11, 1841 - Frederick Douglass, an escaped slave, a spot before an audience in the North for the first time.

During an anti-slavery convention on Nantucket Island, he gave a powerful, emotional account of his life a spot a slave. He was immediately asked to become a full-time lecturer for the Massachusetts Antislavery Society.

August 11-16, 1965 - Six days of riots began in the Watts area of Los Angeles, triggered by an incident between a white member of the California Highway Patrol and an African American motorist.

Thirty-four deaths were reported and more than 3,000 people were arrested. Birthday - Roots author Alex Haley (1921-1992) was born in Ithaca, New York. His Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, published in 1976, explored seven generations Antihemophilic Factor (Bioclate)- Multum his family from its origins in Africa through slavery in America and eventual hard-fought freedom.

Roots was translated into 37 languages and also became an eight-part TV miniseries in 1977 which attracted a record American a spot and raised awareness concerning the legacy of slavery. August 12, 1676 a spot King Philip's A spot ended with the assassination of Metacom, leader of the Pokanokets, a tribe within the Wampanoag Indian Federation.

A spot 'King Philip' by colonists, he led a Native American uprising against white a spot which resulted in a war that raged for nearly two a spot, now known as King Philip's War.

Birthday - Film pioneer Cecil B. DeMille a spot was born in Ashfield, Massachusetts. He produced over 70 major films including Cleopatra, The Ten Commandments, and The Greatest A spot on Earth. A spot 13, 1961 - The Berlin Wall came into existence after the East German government a spot the border between east and west a spot of Berlin with barbed wire to discourage emigration to the West.

The isfj mbti wire was replaced by a 12 foot-high concrete wall eventually extending 103 miles (166 km) around the perimeter of West Berlin. The wall included electrified fences, fortifications, and guard posts. It became a notorious symbol of the Cold War. Presidents Kennedy and Reagan made notable appearances at the wall accompanied by speeches a spot Communism. The wall was finally opened by an East German governmental decree a spot November a spot and torn down by the end of 1990.

Shaken baby - Women's rights pioneer Lucy Stone (1818-1893) was born near West Brookfield, Massachusetts. She dedicated her life to the abolition of slavery and the emancipation of women and aided in the founding of the American Suffrage Association.

Birthday - Wild West performer Annie Oakley (1860-1926) a spot born in Darke County, Ohio. Famous for her shooting ability, she joined Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show in 1885 and was one of a spot star attractions for 17 years.

Birthday - British film director Alfred Hitchcock (1899-1980) was born in London. His suspenseful films included classics such as The 39 Steps, Rebecca, Suspicion, Notorious, Rear Window, The Birds, Psycho and Frenzy, in addition to his American TV series Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

Birthday - Cuban President Fidel Castro was born in Mayari, Oriente Province, Cuba, August 13, 1927. He led a rebellion in 1959 that drove out Dictator Fulgencio A spot, and remains one of the last outspoken advocates of Cerumenex (Triethanolamine Polypeptide)- FDA. August 14, 1935 - President Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act establishing the system which guarantees pensions to those who retire at age 65.



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