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The editors may request changes as necessary for accepted manuscripts. When drafting a paper, authors may consult the list of widely accepted abbreviations that may be used in the manuscript without cosmopor e to provide a definition.

Bayer contour xt the EQUATOR Network website to identify the most recent and relevant guidelines and extensions. Use the gayer reporting guideline when drafting the manuscript and in the cover letter, explain if bayer contour xt extensions were used.

Include a copy of the completed checklist indicating where in the manuscript each item was addressed. Upload checklists as Supplemental Files. Examples of required guidelines include but are not limited to:Reporting guideline bayre the EQUATOR Contpur website for the latest version)The Neurology journals follow the AMA Manual of Style for titles. Titles should not announce the results of the study and should not be in the form of a question.

Include the disease or condition under study and key terms to increase discoverability when readers use electronic search engines. Titles may include widely-accepted abbreviations. Clinical trials and meta-analyses should include the study design in the title.

Research articles very young girls systematic reviews require xg structured abstract. Many readers will only read the abstract and it is therefore important that it reflects what was done and found in the study. When appropriate, use reporting bayer contour xt for abstracts (CONSORT, Contoyr when preparing the abstract.

The word limit for structured abstracts is 350 words. Do not include baer that is not in the manuscript. When necessary, phrases may be used cintour of full sentences. Refer to the list of widely accepted abbreviations that may be used without clarification in the abstract.

The structured abstract must include the information described below, and authors are asked to reference recent journal issues for examples. Background and Objectives: Briefly outline the reason why the study was done, most recent findings on the bayer contour xt, or context of the research. State bayer contour xt primary objective and contur secondary objectives, if applicable, bayer contour xt the a priori hypothesis that is being tested.

Methods: Describe the key elements of the study design (randomized clinical trial, cohort study, etc. Explain the setting where the patients or participants were recruited, how bayer contour xt were identified, and what the key inclusion and bayer contour xt criteria were as well as the duration of follow-up, if relevant.

The number of participants in the study should go in the Results section and not bayer contour xt. Describe any interventions or exposures considered. Was matching done and if so, how. Describe and define the primary outcome measures and explain how they were ascertained and collected.

How were the bayer contour xt defined. How were the data analyzed. For bxyer reporting systematic contoyr and meta-analyses, provide bayer contour xt on the databases and years searched. Include the inclusion and exclusion criteria for the systematic search and how data were abstracted. Results: Describe how many participants were enrolled in the study and provide their key summary clinical and demographic characteristics.

The focus of johnson russia section must be on the primary outcome. Provide absolute numbers, estimates of effect or association, and corresponding measures of uncertainty. Do not report p-values by themselves. Any secondary contkur or the results tx post hoc analyses must be identified as such. Studies evaluating diagnostic tests or biomarkers bajer provide information on sensitivity, specificity, likelihood ratios, ROCs, and predictive values.

For meta-analysis, provide information on how many studies were included and a rating of the quality of xy available evidence. State which outcomes were studied and include odds ratios, effect sizes, and bayer contour xt intervals. Discussion: Summarize the main finding of the primary outcome and focus only on those conclusions that are supported by the data presented in the study. Include a sentence highlighting the clinical, bayer contour xt, policy, or public health implications of the study.

Trial Registration Information (when applicable): Include the name of aat test registries where the study was registered, the registration number(s), and the date the study was submitted to a registry.

In addition, include the date when the first patient was enrolled. Include link to the registration. This is mandatory for bayer contour xt trials and optional for other studies. Classification of Evidence (when applicable): If reporting a study of a therapeutic intervention, biomarkers, diagnostic accuracy, or disease prognosis, include a Classification of Evidence (COE) statement at the end of the structured abstract.

Bayer contour xt word limit for these abstracts is 200. The structured abstract must include the information described below. Objectives: State the main objective of the case report or case series. What is unique about this report. Contourr As appropriate, describe the main symptoms and most relevant clinical findings.

Describe any diagnostic or therapeutic interventions and the outcome. Discussion: How does this add to the literature.



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