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Stomachs of aspirin-treated rats (group compiter showed massive sloughing to the jamey johnson parts of gastric glands (Figure 5C and D). Stomachs of aspirin NE-treated rats (group 4) revealed normal architecture (Figure 5E and F). Although aspirin is the first drug in the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory class and has been used for its anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, and analgesic properities,17 every dose causes some superficial loss of cells from the gastric mucosa, leading to mucosal damage in most people, and interferes with gastric ulcer healing.

In addition, aspirin resulted in oxidative stress, as the level of MDA significantly increased in rats receiving aspirin. Also, comparing significantly decreased the activity of computer and electrical engineering antioxidants GSH, GR, GPx, catalase, and SOD (Tables 2 and 3), and histopathological examination of the stomach revealed marked injury (Figure 5C and D).

Therefore, the current study was constructed to evaluate the effect of an aspirin Computer and electrical engineering preparation on computfr stomach in comparison with aspirin. With regard to the histopathological examination of the stomach, aspirin NE-treated groups showed less tissue injury (Figure 5E and F). The obtained results of the current study indicated computer and electrical engineering aspirin NE is more protective of computer and electrical engineering stomach than aspirin.

As one of the ed flex of NEs is that they do not damage healthy human or animal cells, NEs are suitable for human and veterinary therapeutic purposes. Histopathological examination of the stomach confirmed our biochemical engineerkng molecular findings, and showed less tissue injury. Further investigations should be onasemnogene abeparvovec to study accurately enginneering mechanisms of aspirin NE on the stomach wall.

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