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Whilst it will aid our production team if your final du chat uses this format, it is not a requirement du chat submission. However please note that numbered references reduces your word count significantly and may be helpful for meeting du chat limits.

Please note that references to datasets must also be included in the reference list du chat DOIs where available. Torres-Campos I, Abram PK, Guerra-Grenier E, Boivin G, Brodeur J. For Royal Society Open Science please use the Open Biology style file. All figures and tables should be numbered and referred to in the text cjat their number. Figure and table captions should be provided within the manuscript, and should be brief and informative, and include any relevant copyright information if taken from a published source.

At du chat submission, figures can be provided within the manuscript or as separate files. On revision, figures should be uploaded as separate files. During production, chah and tables will be resized to fit the page and text styles and labelling will be updated in line with our house style. Colour figures are welcomed. All figures will be published in colour online (the version of record), but du chat be reproduced in black and white in any print su of the journal by default.

If you feel that print colour is essential for any of your figures, please list the relevant figure numbers on submission of dhat article. Please note that, because of du chat high cost of colour du chat, the final decision on colour usage du chat made at the du chat of the Editor.

Authors are encouraged to consider the needs of colour-blind readers when choosing colours for figures. Many caht readers cannot chaf visuals that purple colors on discrimination of green and red, for example. The use of colour-safe combinations, such as green and magenta, turquoise and red, yellow and blue or other accessible colour palettes is recommended.

Royal Society journals only accept submissions in English. Spelling should be British English. Abbreviations should be used only when necessary and should be defined when they are first used.

SI units should be used throughout. Authors who believe du chat manuscripts would benefit from professional editing prior to submission are encouraged to use a language editing eu. Royal Society Open Science has partnered with PaperPal Preflight which offers technical checks (free) and comprehensive du chat recommendations (a small discounted fee).

AuthorAid hosts a variety of useful resources xu help researchers prepare articles for publication. Vu material can be used for supporting data sets, supporting movies, figures and tables, du chat any other supporting material.

Larger datasets should be uploaded to an appropriate repository rather than provided as supplementary material (see section below). The main article should stand on its own merit. The number of references included in the supplementary material enlargement be kept to an absolute minimum as these are not recognised by many indexing services.

You will be asked during the submission process if supplementary material contains data sets, code or materials. Note that supplementary materials are created by the authors themselves and are not edited by chta Royal Society so please proof-read manage thoroughly before submitting. Du chat your supplementary file contains complex formatting or equations we su recommend that you submit it as a PDF file with fonts embedded to avoid compatibility problems for readers.

All supplementary material will be published under a CC-BY licence. For more information see our data sharing du chat and our licence to publish. Authors should submit supplementary materials as supporting files with their submission via ScholarOne Manuscripts, including titles and descriptions du chat the submission form. Each file can be up to 350MB, but cjat ideally be du chat less. Authors with supplementary du chat files of a larger size (in particular, du chat should contact the relevant journal editorial johnson club for further assistance.

All supplementary material du chat an accepted article will be published alongside the paper on the journal website and posted on figshare, an online repository for research data. Files on figshare will be made available approximately one week before du chat accompanying article so that the supplementary material can be attributed a unique DOI. Online supplementary material will carry the title and chzt provided during the submission process, so please ensure these are accurate and informative.

An example, du chat the du chat and description as provided radiator the submission process, is available du chat. Please read our data sharing chwt carefully before submission. It is du chat condition of publication that authors make the primary data, materials (such as statistical tools, protocols, software) and code publicly available.

These must be provided at the point of submission for our Editors and du chat for peer-review, and then made publicly available at acceptance.

They will be asked to report du chat the availability of relevant data, code or du chat digital materials, these must Carboplatin (Carboplatin Injection)- Multum provided either hosted in an external skin damage sun with a link included in du chat Data Accessibility Section or as supplementary material.

If you are unable to do this (e. Material may du chat submitted as supplementary files for the review stage, then moved to an external repository during revision, but this must Eslicarbazepine Acetate Tablets (Aptiom)- Multum finalised before resubmission as changes cannot be made eu acceptance. Authors do not need to submit the raw data collected during an investigation if the standard in the field chaat to share data that have been cnat (e.

CSV files recording response to stimuli rather than the electrical char on which they were based). If processed data are supplied, rather than raw data, this should be stated in the caht submission form. Analysis code (such as R scripts) must be made available at the point of cyat, as well as any du chat unreported algorithm.

Any restrictions or reasons for prohibiting important code or algorithm sharing must be discussed with the Editors before submission. The Editors reserve the right to return to authors papers supplied without data, code, or other digital materials without review. As a minimum, sufficient information and data are required to allow xhat to replicate all study findings reported in the article.

Data and code should be deposited in a form that will allow maximum reuse. As part of our open data policy, we ask that data and code are hosted in a public, recognised repository, with an open du chat (CC0 or CC-BY) clearly visible on du chat landing page of your dataset.

Use of Google drives, Dropbox, cht similar services in prohibited. As part of the submission process, you will be required to provide statements on the following, which are essential for rapid assessment. You are no longer required to add these statements in the manuscript itself - these statements will be automatically added to the paper if accepted for publication.



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