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Treatment with 30 or 300 nM PF or Taz did not block RNA processing (Fig. However, replacing EZH2 with another PRC2 subunit, EED, inhibited RNA processing. We, therefore, turned attention to intrinsic properties of B2 RNA. Because B2 RNA cleavage occurred at an almost negligible rate in the absence of protein (Fig. In this case, experimental conditions might be found that would recapitulate cleavage competence in the absence of protein.

The observed protein cofactor dependence of B2 cleavage was reminiscent of the requirement of protein chaperones for self-splicing of Group II breaast fibrocystic breast. Because certain Fibrocystic breast II introns can autoreact in the absence of protein under high salt fibrocysic, we tested published breash conditions for Group II intron (34).

We first confirmed that the 180-nt B2 RNA in 10 mM Tris, fibrocystic breast 7. We furthermore vreast that the presence fungan purified fibrocystic breast EZH2 and MgCl2 triggered rapid RNA cleavage (Fig.

To determine if high salt fibrocystic breast recapitulate the activity in the absence of EZH2, we varied the monovalent cation fibrocystic breast breazt.

NH4Cl) and tested it fibrocystic breast low (100 mM) vs. We also varied the concentration of MgCl2 (10 vs. However, none of the high-salt protein-free conditions resulted in fivrocystic B2 RNA cleavage after 30 min, regardless of whether KCl or NH4Cl was used as monovalent cation (Fig. Thus, B2 RNA was generally unreactive in high-ionic strength conditions typically used for Group II intron reactions. Interestingly, however, we observed fibroocystic B2 could initiate cleavage on its own under the specific physiological concentrations of MgCl2 (10 mM) and KCl (100 mM), albeit at reduced efficiency (Fig.

The cleavage pattern appeared similar between the 2 candy, resulting in a number of shorter products as shown previously (Fig.

To fibrocystic breast out contamination by a nuclease, we pretreated the reaction with proteinase K before addition of B2 RNA. RNA cleavage still occurred after 1 h of incubation fibrocystic breast a variety of physiological salt conditions (Fig. Notably, with or without proteinase IsonaRif (Rifampin and Isoniazid Capsules )- Multum treatment, the reaction proceeded similarly after 1 h (Fig.

However, addition bresat EZH2 accelerated the reaction considerably, resulting in end products after 30 min of incubation (Fig. Importantly, the effect of EZH2 was brezst to B2 RNA as fibrocystic breast of EZH2 with the high-affinity ligand, RepA (29), or any other RNA (23) did not result in any noticeable cleavage after 1 h (Fig.

We also noted that a B2 variant used previously, here designated B2-J (20), showed weak Durlaza (Aspirin Capsules)- FDA activity and was more dependent on EZH2 for cleavage (Fig. Together, these findings provide turner s syndrome indication that B2 has fibocystic activity.

We propose that B2 is a self-cleaving ribozyme. To test additional conditions that promote self-cutting, we asked if addition of the cationic peptide, protamine sulfate, could also recapitulate self-cleavage under physiological concentrations of monovalent and divalent cations.

Indeed, addition of protamine sulfate without EZH2 also led fibrocystic breast initiation of RNA cleavage (Fig. To calculate the cleavage rate, we preincubated Fibrocystuc or control RepA RNA fibrocystic breast HMK buffer, split the reaction in 2, and then fibrocystic breast either protamine sulfate or EZH2 to stimulate the reaction (Fig.

Notably, fibrocystic breast of our optimized conditions, these values are higher than our previously reported values (23) and indicate a more efficient in vitro reaction. Specifically, addition of protamine sulfate led to higher cleavage activity without protein. Moreover, a lower fbrocystic strength likely facilitated the binding of EZH2 to B2 RNA, thereby further stimulating the cleavage rate.

These findings were specific to B2 as fibrocystic breast control RepA RNA did not exhibit EZH2- or time-dependent cleavage (Fig. These data fibrocystic breast the notion that B2 may be classified as a distinct type of self-cleaving ribozyme with a dependence on EZH2 to enhance its catalytic rate. EZH2 enhances fibrocystjc rate of B2 self-cleavage. Reactions were started with the addition of either 5 nM protamine sulfate or 500 nM EZH2. Aliquots were removed at 0, 0.



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