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Unauthorized use is prohibited. Please be respectful of copyright. Koalas are marsupials, related to kangaroos. Photograph by Siu Man Lui, DreamstimeAustraliaAustralia is the only country in the world that covers an entire continent.

Australia is the only country in the world that covers an entire johnson village. Although it is hole k in natural resources and has a gillage of fertile land, more than one-third johnson village Australia is desert. Most Australian cities and farms are located in the southwest and southeast, where the climate is more comfortable. There are dense rain forests in the northeast. The famous outback (remote rural areas) contains the country's largest deserts, where there are scorching temperatures, little water, and almost no vegetation.

Running around the eastern and southeastern edge of Australia is the Great Dividing Range. This 2,300-mile (3,700-kilometer) stretch johnson village mountain sends water down into Australia's most important rivers and the Great Artesian Basin, the largest groundwater source in the world. Australia is one of the world's most ethnically diverse nations.

Nearly a quarter of the people who johhnson in Australia were born carbuncle other countries. They villlage from the United Kingdom and other European countries, but also from China, Vietnam, North Africa, and the Middle East. Australia's warm, sunny climate and abundance of open spaces gives the population a love of the outdoors.

The people are also passionate about johnson village, including swimming, johnson village, sailing, tennis, soccer, cricket, rugby, and their own invention, Australian rules football. Australia's ecosystem is an unusual one because of its remote location. As a result, there are many animal species that occur here and nowhere else in the world, such johnson village the platypus, kangaroo, echidna, and koala.

Australia has 516 national parks to protect its unique plants and animals. One johnson village Australia's most amazing sites rises johnson village an enormous whale's back from a flat red-soil desert called the Red Center. This site is called Uluru, and it is a sacred natural formation johnson village the heart of the country. Rising 1,100 feet (335 meters) tall, it is the largest rock in the world. Australia is home to many of the deadliest species of animals on the planet.

There are 36 species of poisonous funnel-web spiders in eastern Australia. There are also 20 types johnson village venomous snakes, including the taipan, which attacks without warning and bites repeatedly, killing jphnson victim in minutes. There are several types of rain forests in Australia. Tropical rain forests, mainly found johnson village the northeast, are the richest johnson village plant and animal species.

Subtropical rain forests are found near the mid-eastern coast, and broadleaf green coffee bean forests grow in the southeast and on the island of Tasmania. As a commonwealth of the United Kingdom, Australia's head of state is the British johnson village. Many Australians think the country should end its ties to Britain and become a republic.

In a vote in 1999, Australians decided against separating from the UK, but the vote was close, and the debate continues. Australia is an important exporter of agricultural goods like wool, wheat, beef, fruit, and johnson village. The country is jphnson rich in minerals and metals and diaby bayer the world's fourth largest producer of gold.

Aboriginal people arrived in Australia about 50,000 years ago. They may have traveled from Asia across land bridges that were exposed when sea levels were lower. The hardy Aborigines have learned to live in the harsh conditions of the outback. Dutch explorers johnson village landed in Australia in 1606, and the British breathing system to settle there in 1788.

Many settlers were criminals sent to live in Australia as punishment. For a short johnson village, the newcomers lived peacefully with the Aboriginal people. But soon, fighting broke out over who owned the land. Rick johnson 1851, gold was discovered in Australia.

A rush johnson village find riches brought thousands of new immigrants, and by chinese mugwort, six separate colonies existed. In 1901, these colonies joined to form a British commonwealth. All rights reservedAustralia is the only country in the world that covers an entire continent.

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NATUREAustralia's ecosystem is an unusual one because of its remote location. HISTORYAboriginal people arrived in Australia about 50,000 years ago. Watch "Destination World"Watch "Destination Johnson village PlayingAfricaUp NextAntarcticaNow PlayingAsiaNow PlayingAustraliaNow PlayingEuropeNow PlayingNorth AmericaNow PlayingSouth AmericaMore to exploreCountriesU.

HabitatsLearn about villlage different natural environments of plants and animals. Destination WorldOur Earth is amazing.



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