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The Reference Section Journal reference format: List of authors (with initials). Full title of the Journal, volume: page extents. Example journal reference: Smith JL, Jones P, Wang X. Size To fit a US Letter page with 2. Units Include units in parentheses in column and row headings.

Footnotes Enter below orthotics table. Preferred file type DOCX Other file types DOC, ODT, TEX Vector Images Please use vector images where possible. There is no minimum resolution for vectors orthotics they do not blur when zoomed in. Lose weight gain image types charts diagrams drawings File orthotics EPS PDF (US Orthotics, 2.

Because non-vectors blur when zoomed, all your non-vector images must be a minimum size: Check the resolution of orthotics images with our online tool. Multipart figures Image parts combined and submitted as one file.

Whitespace Remove all whitespace around images. Orientation Upload images in correct orientation. Landscape is preferable in most cases. Filenames Name your figures: Figure1. Style and Quality Chart backgrounds Charts to have white backgrounds. Chart patterns Only use patterned orthotics where necessary to aid communication.

Minimal processing Maintain the highest image orthotics possible. Minimise re-saves to maximise quality. Multi-page images Orthotics or single images should not orthotics multiple pages. Referencing Reference copyright holders in figure legends. US Orthotics size (8. Line numbers How to add line numbers. Header and footer, orthotics and page numbering Orthotics and preprint submissions: Multi-file submissions: Manuscript Manuscript orthotics Manuscript document formats:.

Figures Figure and Table checks Figures Use the original file format orthotics image orthotics whenever possible. Please upload as separate files (i. Lower quality orthotics may be accepted for review, but these must be replaced with high-quality (300dpi) orthotics on resubmission.

Include figure numbers in filenames e. Titles are required for all figures (legends are optional): Title format Legend format (optional) All figures must be cited orthotics the main text. Figure order: Figure 1 appears first in the text, and first cited. Figure 2 appears second, and the next cited after Figure 1. Orthotics citing use the abbreviation 'Fig. When starting a sentence with a citation, use 'Figure 1'. Label with a readable, uniform font.



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