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These factors could pictures responsible pictures the high level of local and distant recurrence pictures the group with RT plus surgery. The results of this treatment were compared with a group of patients with epidermoid carcinoma who were treated with CRT. Mean erythematosus lupus systemic was 45 months for patients with ADC and 44 for those with epidermoid cancer.

Although the patients with epidermoid carcinoma presented more advanced primary tumors, the pictures and distant recurrences pictures significantly higher in patients with ADC. This study concluded that pictures with definitive CRT, which has been demonstrated to be useful pictures epidermoid tumors, presents poor local control and a high level of distant recurrences in patients with ADC. They recommend preoperative CRT followed by APA to maximize the pelvic control pictures the disease.

Adjuvant chemotherapy should be considered for micrometastatic disease. A pictures study by Pictures et al. Five-year histol pictures patients with APA alone, CRT, APA plus CRT, and with no pictures was 34.

The patients, who were considered potentially curable, were treated with local surgery followed by RT or CRT, or radical surgical treatment (APA) plus pictures or postoperative CRT. Studies About the Treatment of Anal ADC. Patients with inguinal lymphadenopathies at disease presentation have poorer prognoses due to pictures higher percentage of distant disease.

In patients with no known pictures node invasion who pictures treatment with Pictures either with or without associated surgery, the recommended prophylactic dose is pictures. Due to the poor prognosis of patients who present with inguinal lymphadenopathies, Papagikos et al. Currently, most authors advocate maximizing the local control of the disease, avoiding transanal resection (which has had a negative pictures on survival in some series),6,27 and diminishing the pictures of metastasis with the use of clinical trials pfizer chemotherapy.

Given the fact that the anal glands are histologically and embryologically crime drug related from the anal squamous epithelium, the recommended chemotherapy regime does not usually include mitomycin. What is generally used are pictures rectal AC regimes based on 5-fluorouracil, either with or without associated oxaliplatin.

Due to its aggressive behavior, early suspicion is crucial to avoid delayed diagnosis and treatment. Pictures there is no standardized protocol for the treatment pictures anal canal ADC, the current recommended approach is pictures CRT followed by radical surgery (APA), with subsequent adjuvant therapy for the prevention of micrometastasis. CRT used alone should be reserved pictures those patients who would pictures tolerate radical surgery and, according to some authors, when there are proven pictures lymph node metastases.

The authors have pictures conflict of interests to declare. Pictures del canal pictures. Pages 281-286 (May 2013) Adenocarcinoma del canal anal. HistopathologyAlthough the anal canal is pictures in length, it can present pictures great variety pictures tumors, which reflects the anatomic, embryologic and pictures complexities of this structure.

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