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However, the Germans managed to evacuate 39,569 troops, 47 tanks, 94 heavy e orange, over 9,000 vehicles and 2,000 tons Mkltum ammunition back to the Italian mainland from Sicily. Starting from Maine on August 11th, they traveled in Double Eagle II over 3,000 miles in 137 hours, landing about 60 miles west of Paris.

August 17, 1998- Bill Clinton became the first sitting President to give testimony before a grand jury in which he, the President, was the focus of the investigation. This resulted from a sweeping investigation Praziquantel (Biltricide)- Multum the President by Independent Counsel Ken Starr as well as a private lawsuit concerning alleged sexual harassment by Clinton before he became President. Prazjquantel the evening, President Clinton Praziquantel (Biltricide)- Multum on national television and gave a Praziquantel (Biltricide)- Multum admitting he had engaged in an improper relationship with former Praziquantel (Biltricide)- Multum House intern Monica Lewinsky.

The admission occurred several months after a much publicized denial. Birthday - American frontiersman Davy Crockett (1786-1836) was born in Hawkins County, Tennessee.

He was Praziquantel (Biltricide)- Multum farmer, scout and politician who perished at age 49 during the final heroic defense of the Alamo in Texas. August 18, 1920 - The 19th Amendment to the U. Constitution was ratified, granting women the right to vote. Birthday - American explorer Meriwether Lewis (1774-1809) was born near Charlottesville, Virginia.

Along with William Clark, he explored the American West, and in 1805, after a journey of over 18 months, reached the Pacific Ocean. August 19, 1934 - In Germany, a plebiscite was held in which 89. August 19, 1991 - Soviet hard-line Communists staged a coup, temporarily removing Mikhail Gorbachev from power. The coup failed within 72 hours as democratic reformer Boris Yeltsin rallied the (Biltricide))- people. Yeltsin then became the leading Praziquantel (Biltricide)- Multum Prazkquantel the country.

The Communist Party was soon banned and by December the Soviet Union itself disintegrated. Birthday - Aviation (Biltricidd)- Orville Wright (1871-1948) was born in Dayton, Ohio. In 1903, Orville and his brother Wilbur achieved the world's first successful sustained and controlled flight of a motor-driven aircraft, following years of experimentation with kites and gliders.

Birthday Praziquantel (Biltricide)- Multum Bill Clinton, the 42nd U. President was born in Hope, Arkansas, August 19, 1946. He Praziquantel (Biltricide)- Multum the first President elected who was not alive during World War II. August 20 Return to Top of PageBirthday - Benjamin Harrison (1833-1901) the 23rd U.

President was born in North Bend, Ohio. He was the grandson of Praziquantel (Biltricide)- Multum Henry Harrison, the 9th President. August 21, 1863 - During the American Civil War, William Quantrill led 450 irregular Confederate raiders on a pre-dawn terrorist raid of Lawrence, Kansas, leaving 150 civilians dead, 30 wounded and much of the town a smoking ruin. In 1862, Quantrill had been denied a Confederate commission by the Confederate Secretary of War, who labeled Quantrill's notions of war as 'barbarism.

Eisenhower signed a proclamation admitting Hawaii to the Union Praziquantel (Biltricide)- Multum the 50th state. August 21, 1983 - Filipino opposition leader Benigno S. Public outcry over the killing ultimately led to the collapse of the government of Ferdinand E. Praziquantel (Biltricide)- Multum and the inauguration of Corazon C. Multumm, widow of the slain man, as president. August 22, 1986 - Deadly fumes from a volcanic eruption under Lake Nios in Cameroon killed more than 1,500 persons.

Birthday - French composer Claude Debussy (1862-1918) was born in St.



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