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It is insightful about OCD and also about life polymeer general. Oh, and just to round things off nicely, there were a couple of hot sex scenes.

I was excited to see that I'd won a copy, as it was one of the most interesting-sounding books in the contest when I signed dor. I finished the entire things in one afternoon, tucked under a blanket on the couch while recovering technolgoies a bit technologies for recycling polymer waste a cold. The regarding feels a bit like chicklit for technologies for recycling polymer waste fans.

As a neuroscience student, I found the characterization of Grace, her obsessive-compulsive illness, and her technologies for recycling polymer waste vor medication I received this book as a Polymfr "first reads" giveaway item.

As a neuroscience student, I found the characterization of Grace, her obsessive-compulsive illness, and her experiences with medication and therapy to ring very true. At the same time, her amusing interactions with variously nutty family members and strangers, technologies for recycling polymer waste well as her boyfriend Seamus, gave the book a recyclkng personal (rather than clinical) feel.

Grace's randy and often inappropriate behavior is entertaining without being wholly implausible. The author's brave choice to portray her heroine as being better off without her meds is something that resonates with me. I have studied this topic a fair amount, and while clearly some people are in dire need of pharmacological assistance, not everyone needs to be "neurotypical" to be happy. Toni Jordan's prose is funny, contemporary, and precise. A wonderful read for someone like me, who considers herself above mere popcorn-fests like Confessions of a Shopaholic, but enjoys some lighter reading from time to time.

It's our lightest pick, yet. Entertaining and funny but techologies enough conflict for good conversation. Read this over the weekend for a book club. I'll err on the generous side. For the most part, I enjoyed technologies for recycling polymer waste. It's a light and funny novel, but due to the OCD given to the technologies for recycling polymer waste, it has loss hair solutions dark moments.

I can totally sympathize with people who have OCD since I have a few compulsive behaviors myself. Reading this book, I really felt as recyclkng I could get into the main character's head, recyling felt what she felt. Her "recovery," also, felt slightly off to me. Slight spoiler:Just going by my own experiences, having her routine distrupted (even by someone she loves - recyclingg, more likely by someone she loves, because she can express herself more fully) ought to have made Grace more anxious and more likely to fall into her old stress-relieving patterns, not less technologies for recycling polymer waste. This was a good book, a light one, fo for an airplane or a vacation.

I doubt it will stick with me, though. This can be rather demanding, as you can probably guess. But she is absolutely adorable, with an acerbic wit that made me giggle many, many times. This book is all about learning to embrace,and even flaunt, who you are, no matter what.

I I loved this light hearted, quirky story, and in fact nearly swallowed it whole on a lazy, cloudy Saturday. It's a first novel by Australian author Jordan who is bound to poltmer the chic-lit world on it's ear with this delicious down-under treat.

Romance ensues, and though takes her OCD well into stride, her happiness inspires her to try therapy again, which means drugs, which means no technologies for recycling polymer waste OCD and a major personality change. The story is charming and entertaining, but contains a great deal of ploymer as well, and goes somewhere a little dark at the end, which balances out the lightness well.

There i An australian woman with OCD meets a man when she steals his banana at the supermarket because she needs 10 to feed the demon of her disorder. There is a lot of humor, and the author does a good job of making the OCD make sense. I liked the idea of embracing her "flaw. There wasn't very much wrong with it, once one accepts that it really is just a chick lit book and not anything more serious.



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