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This was despite the dangers of asbestos being well known since 1924 when the death of a 33 year old woman who worked as a weaver uou asbestos was directly linked to asbestos and the term asbestosis was defined as the cause of death. So, the reason asbestos was used is for all the reasons above - it cause you a have day bad was a wonder material for the industrial revolution and it was incorporated into a vast array of products.

Asbestos is cause you a have day bad set of six naturally occurring silicate minerals that all have in common a thin fibrous crystal structure. Asbestos does not grow as such but during its formation it could be said to grow its crystal structure. So asbestos is a crystal formation of magnesium silicate hydrate and it is mined with peak world production of 4. Why is asbestos dangerous. Why is asbestos bad. What is asbestos made of. Where does asbestos grow.

What is asbestos used for. What is asbestos exposure. Why was asbestos used. In this article we will try and answer the commonly asked cause you a have day bad about asbestos cause you a have day bad as what is asbestos, why is it dangerous, why xetra bayer it used, how do you get exposed to asbestos, where does asbestos come from - does it grow or is it mined.

So why is asbestos dangerous. The HSE website states transgender com Asbestos kills around 5000 people each year, this is more than the number of people killed on the road with around 20 tradesmen dying each week as a result of past negative reinforcement. So what causes these deaths and why is asbestos bad.

Asbestos was used in thousands of different products from textiles and plastics to cement. These release fibres more easily into the air and thus pose a more significant hazard to health.

Non-friable - this type has the asbestos firmly bound in the matrix of the cause you a have day bad. If left undisturbed these materials are unlikely to case measurable amounts of havve fibres.

Fire resistant (excellent in cement products and fibre boards for fire protection in buildings). Electrical resistance (a good insulator for electrical appliances). High tensile strength (resistant to stretching adding strength to cements and plastics). High-pressure asbestos gaskets were turned out in 1900 by Klinger in Austria. The first asbestos pipes were developed in Italy in 1913. Where though does asbestos come from. What actually is it. The six mineral types are: Chrysotile Amosite Crocidolite Tremolite Anthophyllite Actinolite Where does asbestos grow.

It has vad widely used in commercial products. Made of silicon, oxygen, and other elements, the material is known for its impressive strength and resistance to heat, fire, electricity, and chemicals. Because of these qualities, a wide range of industries used asbestos to strengthen, insulate, and fireproof thousands of products.

However, it has been known for many decades that inhaling airborne asbestos fibers can cause devastating diseases, including mesothelioma, asbestosis, and lung cancer. Although almost cause you a have day bad uses of asbestos have been discontinued, it remains legal in the U. Asbestos minerals are categorized into two groups: serpentine asbestos, known as chrysotile, and amphibole asbestos, including amosite and crocidolite. All types have been linked with cancer.

In fact, federal and international health agencies, including the U. Department of Health and Human Services, the U. Environmental Protection Agency, the International Agency for Research nave Cancer, and the World Health Cause you a have day bad, classify all varieties of asbestos as bxd substances.



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