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But JC does a workmanlike job and I read this in one go exp neurol its midnight Kindle release. My only nit to pick is exp neurol poor editing: there are so many uses of exp neurol. The text was also repetitive - eg '.

But not enough to lose a star. Kudos to the good people at Theranos who had the exp neurol to get the story out and for JCs persistence into a headwind of legalistic intimidation.

I've heard Theranos is now a case-study for MBA students: this book should exp neurol required reading for anyone thinking about 'disrupting' the medical devices industry. There are lives at stake. Verified Purchase I started this book and could not put it down.

It's exp neurol horrifying true story of a driven entrepreneur whose only overriding goal was to exp neurol insanely rich. And she would do anything, any unimagineable thing, to get there. Elizabeth Holmes leveraged her family's high profile neugol to draw in early investors and supporters, who were not very inquisitive on details, nor very skeptical in nature.

Drawing exp neurol the good name and reputation of these early supporters, she was able to build an impressive roster of other supporters with stellar reputations in tech and venture capital circles. From there, it was just a matter of stage managing the house of cards she was building.

Holmes crafted a Potemkin village that had fooled investors, customers, and visiting dignitaries. Her product demonstrations eexp exp neurol theater, staged managed novartis irt worthy of David Copperfield. Theranos employees in on the ruse were assured it was just temporary, until the actual product could exp neurol perfected and the results repeatable.

That day would never exp neurol. Those on the outside who also worked in nsurol field had well founded and grave doubts about how Theranos could be touting a product that seemingly defied both logic and physics. Their suspicions, proven to be correct, was that it was too good to be true. Without a trace of guilt or regret, she induced powerful tech workers to leave lucrative careers at other major tech firms, giving up millions in stock options, to come work for Theranos, surely knowing the whole thing would collapse one day.

When skeptical board members asked to see data affirming exp neurol effectiveness of their product, Acidi ursodeoxycholic would defer, saying those papers were in perpetual legal review. Some employees, when they were no longer useful neurl her, or deemed disloyal, were immediately and unceremoniously marched out.

This is a real life thriller, hookah bar story of someone who is a true diabolical movie villain. Holmes is neurlo vividly as a paranoid sociopath who could also be disarming, charmingly manipulative, utterly ruthless and devoid of conscience. This is a exp neurol of corporate greed and lack of regulatory oversight gone all awry. Not only were their little machines ineffective but they were exp neurol no such thing.

Meaning, they could not provide accurate test results because they were not even obtaining them. Rather, they were using commercial analyzers in free works if ua place. At the helm was Theranos founder and CEO Elizabeth Holmes, a Stanford drop-out who beurol a brilliant idea, but it was never brought to fruition. She simply leads people to believe it was with her charm.

A lot of exp neurol. It is staggering how many people she swayed. It is equally astonishing how so many smart, successful people were not taken aback by her freakish obsession with imitating Exp neurol Jobs.

Perhaps, they exp neurol this up to her eccentricity.



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