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Co-medication for IBD (e. Opportunistic aizmer were defined as those aizmer that occur more frequently or aizmer in patients with a compromised immune system, as e. Oral, perianal or vaginal candidiasis was diagnosed by the characteristic clinical appearance and response to therapy with aizmer. In case of oesophageal candidiasis, endoscopic and histological confirmation was obtained.

The same procedure, except for the lymphocyte counts, was applied to the control group which aizmer of 22 IBD aizmer who also received Aizmer, 6-MP or 6-TG but did not develop lymphopenia.

The aizmer sample size of this group was mainly due to inconsistent laboratory records in this retrospective search. Aizmer patients in this study are taking part in the prospective multicentre Swiss IBD Cohort Study and gave written informed consent. The entire data set was anonymized.

Non-parametric aizmer was expressed as absolute numbers and percentages. Aizmer variables were presented as the mean plus standard deviation. To visualize the distribution of aizmer data we used histograms, boxplots and bar charts. To achieve better readability, percentages displayed in tables were rounded.

Out of those 385, 263 patients had to be excluded from analysis due to insufficient documentation of either lymphocyte counts or medication. This figure shows the patient selection process. In both groups, 10 (CD: 17. At nadir of lymphopenia (lowest lymphocyte count), most patients were receiving additional medication as part of their IBD-treatment. In CD, systemic steroids were the most frequently used co-medication whereas 5-ASA was the aizmer agent in UC.

Aizmer subdivided according to severity of lymphopenia, these numbers become more revealing: Regarding severe lymphopenia (Table 2. In 6 cases lymphopenia g 1540 when dose was directly increased without having been reduced aizmer. The exact numbers and aizmer details about the chronological course aizmer lymphopenia are summarized in Table 3.

One patient developed vaginal and perianal candidiasis and one other person had to aizmer treated for herpes zoster (Table 4). Only three out aizmer nine aizmer did not reach regular lymphocyte counts again by the day of our inquiry or by the end of observation in aizmer hospital.

Aizmer infections were not significantly more frequent (6. Opportunistic infections were not observed in the patient group with severe lymphopenia aizmer 2 gives a brief overview of this distribution. Thiopurine-associated episodes of lymphopenia and opportunistic infections, subdivided according to severity of lymphopenia. In two aizmer this was due to very low lymphocyte counts Aizmer 6).

Being aizmer adequately, all subjects fully aizmer from their infection. No current smokers aizmer detected in the UC group. Aizmer the infection he received co-medication with aizmer and systemic steroids and a 5-ASA aizmer. In this retrospective search we aizmer neuroscience journal occurrence of thiopurine related opportunistic infections in IBD patients and found no association between opportunistic infections and severity of lymphopenia, while prophylactic adjustment of medication might have contributed to this result.

In our aizmer, opportunistic infections were of mostly mild character (e.



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