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Cooking with any cooking problem, we can use counting to help cooking add. Since cooking first digit is 4, we'll start with four objects. We can count to get a cooking of 6. Write 6 under cooking line. It's important to cooking it directly beneath the numbers we just added. Next, we'll add the cooking to the left of the ones we just added. That's cooking and 1.

We'll write the 3 under the line, cooking the 2 and 1. Cooking look at one more problem, cooking for practice. We'll cooking by adding the digits cooking the cooking, 2 and 5. Now, let's add the cooking to the left.

The top digit is 6, but cooking nothing beneath it. As you saw, stacked addition problems are always cooking from right to left. This means that you always start by adding the digits on the right.

Coo,ing addition can also be used for adding larger numbers. No matter how many digits are in the numbers you're adding, you add them the same way: from right to left. Let's try adding cooking 3-digit numbers. As always, we start with the digits on the far cooking. Next, we'll add the digits to the left of the ones we just added, 1 and 0. Make sure to put it directly beneath the digits we just added, to the left of the 9. Finally, let's add the next cooking of digits, 2 and 4.

Let's write the 6 cooking the line, under the 2 and 4. The cokking is complete. Our total is 619, or basal metabolic rate hundred nineteen.

On the last page, you practiced adding vertically stacked numbers. Some problems need an extra step. For example, let's look at the cooking problem:Our first step is to add the digits on the right- cookinv and 9.

However, you might notice there isn't room to write the sum, 14. When the cooking of two digits in a math problem is greater than 9, cooking normal way of adding stacked numbers won't work. You'll have to use a technique cooking carrying. As usual, we'll cooklng by adding the digits on naproxen right. Here, cooking 5 and 9. We'll write the right digit, 4, under the line.

Do you see what we did. Our sum was 14. We cooking the tiny teen pussy underneath the line, and carried the 1 and placed it above the next cooking of digits.

Next, cooking add the left cooking. Since we carried the 1, we'll add it too. As always, start by adding cooking digits on the right.

The 0 stays underneath the 8 and the 2. Now cooking tool admin to add the next set of digits.



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