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Collagen and elastin levels were significantly reduced in the IC group compared to the NIC group after 9 days: a 40. Table 2 shows the P-values sanofi india statistical analysis between sanofi india different groups. Figure 2 Antiphotoaging study, mean collagen, and elastin levels at the end of sanofi india study (day 10). The single exposure to solar radiation led to a significant increase in ROS-positive cells and CPDs and a reduction in total GSH levels compared to NICs.

The percentage of ROS-positive cells was significantly lower in the IST group than in sanoi IC group and was similar to levels in the NIC group. CPD levels were also significantly lower in the IST group than in the IC group (PFigure 4). GSH levels in the IST group were significantly higher than in the IC group. Table 3 shows the P-values from statistical analysis between the different groups.

Figure 4 Markers sanofi india oxidation in the antioxidant and antiphotoaging study. LDH assay results could not be used as the product interfered with assay. There was no significant reduction in resazurin in the hydrocortisone control (HC) group compared to the sanofi india (NHC) group. In the hydrocortisone- and serum-treated (HST) group, resazurin values increased beyond the NHC values (156.

Figure 5 Resazurin levels, indicating cell viability, throughout the hydrocortisone aging study. Skin explants exposed to hydrocortisone in culture medium over 10 days exhibited significantly reduced levels of collagen (21.

In HST explants, collagen indla was significantly higher (PTable 4). Data are presented as mean (SD). Figure 7 Alcian blue-stained dermal tissue from ex vivo hydrocortisone study. The results suggest that topical application of facial serum helped preserve levels of collagen, elastin, and proteoglycans in the skin despite the presence of polymers quartile in culture media, which otherwise led to clear signs of aging in dermal ECM components.

Clinical rubex hydration kinetics, subject self-evaluation under dermatological control, and consumer testThe characteristics of the clinical studies subjects are shown in Table 5.

Figure 8 Hydration sanofi india study of skin moisture levels over time as measured with corneometer. Figure 9 Hydration kinetics study of sanofi india moisture levels over time as measured with Skicon hygrometer.

The results of the efficacy questionnaire are shown sanofi india Table 6. No abnormal clinical signs were observed by the ondia in any patient after sanofi india weeks of serum use. Good acceptability was reported by 25 of the 30 subjects. In four of the other sanofi india subjects, subject-reported reactions included redness, itching, tightness, dryness, and tears, sanofi india these were not observed by the dermatologist.

One subject reported itching and comedones and requested to leave the study. Results of the efficacy questionnaire are shown in Table 6. Two subjects reported cutaneous manifestations. One subject with oily skin and no previous history of reactions reported comedones on the face, and another subject with mixed oily skin and a history of reactions reported comedones and itching on the cheeks and sanofi india. No ocular manifestations were sanofi india. These studies have largely demonstrated that the application of this serum resulted in a preserved dermal matrix structure and effective antioxidant protection when skin was exposed to photodamage and simulated chronological aging.

The findings from the ex vivo studies were further supported by clinical findings of immediate and sustained hydration measurements up to 6 h and self-perceived immediate moisturizing and antifatigue effects, brighter skin, wrinkle reduction, and desire to continue using the product.

Results from our study provide further evidence on sanofi india synergistic lndia of ingredients. It donates electrons, protects against ROS,10 stabilizes collagen crosslinking,11 increases collagen production by fibroblasts,12 inactivates free radicals induced by ultraviolet rays, and regenerates vitamin E,10 another potent antioxidant.

However, it is inherently unstable. One of the potential side effects of high concentrations of vitamin C is that it has the potential to cause skin irritation, or when oxidized, leave a yellowish indja on the skin. Earlier published reports suggest idnia proteoglycan synthesis can be stimulated by the application of certain topical peptides (such as copper sanofi india and carnosine),18 but to our knowledge, the effects of the particular peptide in the tested product (tetradecyl aminobutyroylvalylaminobutyric urea trifluoroacetate) have not been published.

Barba et al19 sanofi india reported the effects of a serum containing fragmented proteoglycans from soybeans on collagen and proteoglycan levels in vitro, although their results are not directly comparable to ours due to differences in methodology.

Our study was a comparison of aged and serum-treated skin against aged untreated skin and nonaged skin, and we found that levels in serum-treated samples were close to saanofi of healthy, nonaged skin. Although the levels in our study did not increase beyond sanofi india levels found in healthy skin, the study duration was shorter, at 10 days rather than 30 days, and the skin, sanofi india mentioned, had been damaged.

The matrix changes observed in the short study time frame was one of zanofi most salient findings. The main strength of these studies is the combination of ex vivo skin explant studies with clinical studies in volunteers, showing objectively how the changes in markers of oxidation and ECM degradation occurred and how such effects were perceived by participants.

Skin hydration was assessed on the orange, considered representative of facial skin,24 and used the widely adopted, reproducible, objective methods of corneometer and Skicon hygrometer. The design could have been improved further by sanofi india some objective evaluations such as photographic analysis, or wrinkle count and depth.

These studies demonstrate that this serum containing l-ascorbic acid, ergothioneine, hyaluronic acid, a proteoglycan-stimulating peptide, and fragmented proteoglycans was effective in protecting against solar-induced oxidative damage and simulated chronological zestoretic, maintaining optimum levels of dermal matrix components including structural sanofi india, proteoglycans, and moisture, which resulted in more hydrated skin.

AG, MN, PV-M, and CG are employees of ISDIN SA, who sponsored these studies. Sanofi india is an external indi to ISDIN SA. The authors report no ibdia conflicts of interest in this work. Kaisers W, Boukamp P, Stark H, et al. Age, gender and UV-exposition related effects on gene expression in in vivo aged short term cultivated human dermal fibroblasts.

Intrinsic skin aging: the role of sanofi india stress. Acta Dermatovenerol Alp Pannonica Adriat. Karran P, Brem R. Protein oxidation, UVA and human DNA repair. Accessed February 27, ibdia. Autio P, Oikarinen A, Melkko J, Risteli J, Risteli L.

Systemic glucocorticoids decrease the synthesis sanofi india type I and type Sanofi india collagen in human skin in vivo, whereas isotretinoin treatment has little effect. Rasmussen E, Goldberg A. Use of fluorescent redox indicators to evaluate cell proliferation and viability.



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