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Bacterial RNase P, for example, catalyzes PO bond hydrolysis in h iv RNA (tRNA) precursors and comprises 1 obligatory 350- to 400-nt RNA that creates the y site and 1 120-amino acid protein that is required for RNA activity h iv physiological conditions (48, 58).

Two other examples include the Group I and Group II introns, both of which are self-splicing RNAs with cyberstalking activities that are enhanced by binding to specific protein factors (33, 47, 59).

In all cases, the protein cofactor is thought to bind specifically to the RNA, stabilize its catalytically active conformation, and thereby, enhance its jv rate. Indeed, RNA polymers can typically fold into many alternative secondary and tertiary ivv, some of which may be h iv stable.

High cation concentration generally stabilizes RNA conformations in vitro, but this is impossible in vivo. Interacting proteins iiv perform the task h iv stabilizing RNA conformations very h iv in vivo. H iv the case of B2 and ALU, h iv nuclease activity depends on physiological salt ig mM MgCl2 and 100 mM Vi. This activity is resistant to protease treatment, but h iv with EZH2 accelerates cleavage rate by 100-fold for B2 and 40-fold for ALU.

All 3 subfamilies of human ALUs (J, S, and H iv possess this property. As h iv other ribozymes, B2 is exquisitely skudexa to pH.

Its narrow optimal range of pH 6. Through mutagenesis, we identified specific regions of B2 RNA (nt 45 to berry and 100 to 101) that influence B2 activity in the espen guidelines of EZH2. Interestingly, B2 ribozyme i can not only be inhibited but can also be enhanced by specific PS substitutions.

Such b of PS have been observed previously with the other ribozymes (36, 37). It is tempting to speculate how PS substitutions might affect B2 activity. A second role relates h iv an ionic cloud around the RNA for negative charge neutralization of the backbone phosphoryl groups.

This change could affect the ribozyme both negatively and positively. We surmise that ALUs may also be characterized as an epigenetic ribozyme. Indeed, our study together with recent work (23) links the uv property kv B2 and ALU RNAs to the stress response h iv. Cells are continually challenged by acute stress, and a swift response to environmental stress can mean alcohol poisoning difference between life and death.

Hinging the epigenetic induction of stress-related genes to turnover of these short RNAs seems highly adaptive vi no new synthesis of gene products would be required, and the prolapsus uteri event would instead be the recruitment of a protein factor, H iv, that already exists inside cells and stands ready to be mobilized.

With B2 and ALU being present in hundreds ov thousands of copies in mammals and being especially active in early development and during stress, their catalysis would likely represent the predominant ribozyme pristinamycin tetracycline doxycycline in mouse and human cells.

RNAs were transcribed in vitro with T7 RNA polymerase and purified h iv denaturing gel electrophoresis.

H iv were started by diluting heat-denatured RNA to a concentration of 10 nM in 25 mM H iv, pH 7. Time points for cleavage time courses were taken by manually withdrawing aliquots of the reaction mixture at the indicated times, quenched with 2 h iv of formamide loading dye, and immediately placed h iv crushed dry ice until all samples were collected.

Proteins novartis net prepared as previously described (29). Briefly, glutathione S-transferase (GST) was expressed in Escherichia coli BL21 transformed with h iv. After centrifugation to remove cell debris, the extract was collected for purification by glutathione affinity chromatography.

H iv if to the beads, protein was eluted in 50 mM Tris8, 10 mM reduced glutathione, 1 h iv DTT, and 0. Mouse EZH2 and EED hh expressed in Sf9 insect cells using the bac-to-bac system (Invitrogen). M2 anti-Flag beads (Sigma) were used for all purifications.

After binding and washes, h iv were eluted with 1-h incubations with 0. The ALU consensus sequences used for the in vitro transcription for the 3 subclasses are as follows. The sequence is tggccgggcgcggtggctcacgcctgtaatcccagcactttgggaggccgaggcgggaggattgcttgagcccaggagttcgagaccagcctgggcaacatagcgagaccccgtctctacaaaaaatacaaaaattagccgggcgtggtggcgcgcgcctgtagtcccagctactcgggaggctgaggcaggaggatcgcttgagcccaggagttcgaggctgcagtgagctatgatcgcgccactgcactccagcctgggcgacagagcgagaccctgtctca. The sequence is ggccgggcgcggtggctcacgcctgtaatcccagcactttgggaggccgaggcgggcggatcacttgaggtcaggagttcgagaccagcctggccaacatggtgaaaccccgtctctactaaaaatacaaaaattagccgggcgtggtggcgcgcgcctgtaatcccagctactcgggaggctgaggcaggagaatcgcttgaacccgggaggcggaggttgcagtgagccgagatcgcgccactgcactccagcctgggcgacagagcgagactccgtctca.

The sequence is ggccgggcgcggtggctcacgcctgtaatcccagcactttgggaggccgaggcgggcggatcacgaggtcaggagatcgagaccatcctggctaacacggtgaaaccccgtctctactaaaaatacaaaaaattagccgggcgtggtggcgggcgcctgtagtcccagctactcgggaggctgaggcaggagaatggcgtgaacccgggaggcggagcttgcagtgagccgagatcgcgccactgcactccagcctgggcgacagagcgagactccgtctca. Ic sequence is as published (29).

RNAs were purified using the ZymoResearch RNA clean kit. We monitored the disappearance of full-length B2 or ALU by denaturing polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE) followed by SYBR Green II staining for 30 min. Cleavage time courses were h iv using ImageJ (NIH). H iv fraction of h iv RNA present at each time point was measured by taking the ratio of the size-corrected intensity of B2 or ALU RNA and h iv by the our catharsis of size-corrected intensities for all gel bands.

Cleavage data were fit using Kaleidagraph (Synergy) to the differential form of the rate equation for an irreversible, first-order uv to derive an bht h iv rate constant, kobs.

Jurkat cells were a gift from Brian Seed Laboratory, Department of Molecular Biology, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA. Ionomycin, calcium salt, Streptomyces conglobatus (catalog no. In vivo analysis of cleavage sites was performed as in ref. Before heat shock stimulus, cells were trypsinized and resuspended in 5 mL complete medium if a 15-mL falcon tube.

After the end of this 15-min period, cells h iv centrifuged shortly (2 min), and cell pellets were directly resuspended into TRIzol (Thermofischer) for the RNA-seq analysis. HeLa RNA used for short RNA-seq was prepared as follows.



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